Join Women's Professional Network Hudson Valley

Membership is not required to register for most of our events. The WPN provides a variety of high value resources to our Members through tiered Membership Levels. For example, at the "Learn" level, you will get:

  • A listing in the WPN Member Directory

  • WPN member badge to display on your website

  • Special pricing on certain events

  • The potential to win a WPN award

  • Invitations to members-only events        

  • Access to educational events specially designed for enterprising professional women

  • Special Marist College tuition discount on eligible graduate and adult undergraduate programs for WPN members and their immediate adult family members.

  • High-quality networking opportunities

  • Numerous marketing benefits on our social media platforms, website, events

Membership has no attendance requirements. Membership is subject to approval by the WPN. You can join as an individual or as part of a company.

  • You can be a non-Member, attend any non-'Member-Only' event and pay the event fee. But you do not have any benefits as specified above.     

  • Memberships are annual and extend for 1 calendar year from your join date.

  • Membership benefits extend for 1 calendar year from your join date.                


*It is the WPN's decision as to whether the Member Spotlight Opportunity will be as a Member Highlight Speaker at a regular monthly event, a Power Leader, Committee Member, etc. The Member Spotlight Opportunity is limited to 1 time during your Membership year.                

Lecture on Networking Skills
Kristen Semple Maureen Sue
Members Only Social
Dinner and Networking
Dinner and Networking
Members-only Social
Event at Children's Museum
Evangeline Lea Danielle
Unveiling of New Logo 2017
Lea Christine Vogg Leena Sardesai
Marybeth Cale, Lea, Christa Hines
Cari Griffin,Gayle Chaky,WandaJeanty
White Elephant Gifts, Holiday Party
women's professional network cake
event panelists
Lori Cassandra
Lee Starshine
Lea Bishop, Deanna Poet
Deanna Poet, Linda Beasimer
Audience at women's event
Sue Diamond, Lea, Carrie Bono
health event
networking event
lea bishop
prize winner
Cassandra, Linda