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Inspiring Speech on International Women's Day 2016

WPN meeting

At our meeting on March 8th, Jody Miller, Equal Employment Opportunity/Human Rights Officer for Dutchess County was our guest speaker for International Women’s Day.

Jody provided a historical perspective. Jody also spoke about "gender parity." We have come a long way, but there is still work to be done. Women’s rights issue is a Human Rights issue. It’s not a local issue, it is global. Gender parity is linked to economic prosperity. If you want to get more information, go to: "The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap".

We also had a group discussion about the personal “disparity” that we have encountered which led to a lively discussion with many attendees sharing their stories.

Ballots were passed out to members that were in attendance to choose what our FUN event will be in July. Stay tuned!

Thank you to our Host, The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum and our food sponsor Hudson Valley Concierge Service, 845-518-HVCS

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