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12 Hour Business Workshop Series Spring 2017

April 18 "Identifying, Keeping, and Growing Your Customer Base." Many business owners have only a vague idea of who their customers will be. They subscribe to the concept that "If you build it, they will come." This approach focuses attention on products or services without any concern about giving a potential customer a reason to use your products or services. In this session you will learn: · What you are really selling. · How to price your products or services properly. · How to realistically determine who your customers should be. Where your customers are located; how best to reach them. _______________________

May 2 "Focusing on Giving Your Customers What They Want or Getting that Add-On Sale Again and Again." The key to making money in business is to make more than one sale to each customer and to reduce the frequency between sales. It is far better to sell additional products and services to existing customers than to make a one-time sale to a customer. In this session you will learn: · What it means to provide excellent customer service. · How to provide products and services your customers want. · What you need to do to keep your customers coming back for more. How incremental sales add to the bottom line. May 16 "Organizing Your Business to Make Money." Many business owners do the same things over and over and then wonder why they aren't making the money they thought they would. Basic business planning pays off by focusing your efforts on those activities that can actually make money for you. In this session you will learn: · Why are you in business? Why not work for someone else and get a steady pay check? · How to accept discipline and a certain amount of structure. · How do you organize yourself and your business to make money. · How to set goals and make sure you achieve them.

_________________ May 30 "Are You Making Money Yet?" This workshop is all about giving you the conceptual tools you can use that will help you make your business more successful. This last session permits you to pull it all together so that they work for you. In this session you will learn: · It's all about the customer. · How best to get your customer to reach into his/her pocket and give you money. · What has worked for others that might work for you - a moderated peer-to-peer discussion. · Have your business questions answered.

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