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WPN Membership Speaking Perk

WPN Members: We show our love & appreciation for your support thru the perks we offer you. One of these is the opportunity to showcase your products & services at our events. Starting with the Members-only event on August 17 & continuing with the Sept. 12 Networking dinner, the Oct. 10 Event.... and beyond, some Members will be given the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes & hand out their p/r materials.

Our goal is to provide this perk to all our Members... ie., those who attended at least 2 events from Jan 1-June 30. We hope to continue offering this perk to Members into 2018 and beyond... so you'll want to stay a Member by attending at least 2 events from July 1-Dec 31, 2017.

We try hard to support our Members so please support the WPN with your Membership!

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