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Women in the Workplace 2017

The first and one of the most essential steps in achieving gender equality is to realize that there is a problem and how far we have to go to achieve equality.

Women are underrepresented in the corporate pipeline. Despite comprising 57% of recent college graduates, fewer women than men enter the corporate pipeline. Even though women's interest in getting promoted equals that of men,

their numbers tend to dwindle at every step of the pipeline until only 20% of C-suite leaders are women. Even though this number is not encouraging, women and men share the same intention to remain in the workforce, and only 2% of men or women would leave a job to focus on family.

How can companies achieve gender equality?

1. By making a solid case for equality from the top down.

2. Increase unconscious bias training.

3. Empower managers to support women's career development.

4. Develop fair processes for hiring, promotion, and reviews.

5. Help employees with work/life balance.

6. Establish and track diversity targets.

What can women do to advance their careers? They need to ask more for promotions and raises, be specific in their requests, set goals and prepare to achieve those goals.

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