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New Strategies Help Women Build Career confidence

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Self-confidence is critical to career success. But a lack of confidence is prevalent among women. Of the women entering the workforce, 63% are confident that they can rise to senior management versus 75% of men. This number decreases to 57% by mid-career for women versus 65% of men.

Where does this lack of confidence come from? One theory is that girls are encouraged during childhood to be compliant abd 'nice' and not to compete or take risks. Also, women tend to be hesitant about seizing opportunities, and they also deal with most of the family-care responsibilities.

Women tend to remain silent at meetings, get interrupted more often, and don't know how to deal with criticism. Instead, they might try: catching the eye of the meeting leader and say something like: "That was a great point you made, however, I have a different view."

A fallacy held by many women is that mastering their jobs is enough to advance. but, instead, they should ask "How do I position myself in a way that allows me to look and feel confident?"

Women can keep a 'brag' book with compliments and accomplishments they earned through their career. This can keep spirits high when needed.

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