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How to Address Inappropriate Behavior without Making Enemies at the Office

Fran Hauser is a long-time media executive, startup investor and celebrated champion of women and girls. Her first book "The Myth of the Nice Girl" is being published in April 2018.

Ms. Hauser's contention is that women need to address inappropriate behavior made by male colleagues assertively and professionally and in a timely manner.

Although this is not easy, this approach can actually strengthen your relationships at work because people react positively to displays of confidence and self-respect.

In this article, the author relates her own personal experience which attests to the validity of her contention. She, along with a group of her colleagues, were working late on a high-profile, high-pressure project. In the middle of the discussion, her senior executive made a sexist remark. The room went silent, and she was taken off guard especially since she had a good relationship with this person.

Instead of reacting angrily or negatively in front of everyone, she calmly asked the executive to step outside the room to talk. Speaking firmly she told him "If you want to get the best work out of me, that's not the way to do it." He was totally embarrassed and apologized to her directly and, then, when they returned to the meeting, he apologized to the entire team.

By remaining calm and addressing the remarks immediately and professionally, Ms. Hauser built on her self-confidence. She also conveyed that self-confidence to her colleagues and gained their respect. To read more of this article, go to this link:

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