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Passion, Persistence and Red Lipstick

In this article author Michelle MacDonald shares with you the 3 simple yet powerful things that helped transform her into the successful business owner of Sweet Note Bakery. Passion. Persistence. Red Lipstick.

To Michelle, as to most entrepreneurs, her Passion is the kind that has her thinking about her business all of the time... the eat/sleep/dream kind of passion. Business owners always encounter challenges... it is never-ending. But the ones who are successful are those who work around these challenges, sometimes with creative, outside the box solutions. It is Persistence that will carry you through these situations... the never-give-up kind of Persistence. Sometimes you have to bend and work around some of your dreams, but you need to hang in there.

And what about the Red Lipstick? The author is not necessarily advocating that you go out and start using Red Lipstick, but, rather, you need to be bold and go outside your comfort zone. Transform your attitude into a 'I Got This!' one. Project confidence. Be confident.

To read further about how you, too, can 'Enjoy the Ride'.. CLICK HERE.

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