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The Ten Percent Advantage: How to Make Progress Every Day

Sometimes, in our earnestness, we develop plans that are overly ambitious and when we don't accomplish these plans, we stop altogether, often in frustration. The author contends that, rather than wanting to do everything at once, we adopt the 10% rule. Aim for small gains and make continuous progress. You are much more likely to accomplish small steps rather than large ones. This will increase the probability of ultimately achieving your long-term goal.

The author suggests the following steps to his Ten Percent Advantage:

1. Prioritize your first steps.

2. No step is too small.

3. Celebrate small wins.

4. Focus on the gain, not on the gap.

5. Teams that change together, stick together.

To read more about how you can move from over-enthusiasm to a more realistic approach to reach your goals and dreams, check out the Ten Point Advantage.

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