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10 Pieces of Advice I Wish Every Woman Could Hear

The author shares 10 lessons she learned throughout her tech career. They are each very powerful and contain very useful information on how to be successful in any field. Common sense and experience are melded into this advice, some of which is outlined below. To read the full article, link to:

* Confidence is a gift you give yourself. We often cannot see our true capabilities because as women, we are so good at bringing ourselves down. Believe in yourself and accept reach outside the box to build skills and expertise in areas that you may not be familiar in.

* Listen to feedback, but choose what you change.

Choose who you want to be and what you want to be known for, but never change what makes you uniquely you.

* Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome.

Some just fake it better than others.

* Free yourself of guilt and worry, two non-productive feelings.

* Don't seek the approval of others and never give up.

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