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3 Signs You Are Your Own Worst Critic (& What to Do About It!)

Most of us are our own worst critic, and because of this, it is difficult if not impossible, to reach our dreams. We do not dare to dream big... we focus on our limitations and set realistic goals. We are so caught up in the short term that we forget the big picture. If we spend our time worrying about short-term problems, that is all we will ever have. So what if you make a mistake? So what if you are having a bad day? Get over it and remember the big picture. Do you worry about what other people think about your dreams? Your dreams are your own.... don't listen to what others say!

The author advises us to get behind ourselves, focus on our greatness, and be our biggest cheerleader. To read more advice to inspire and help you on the way to reach your goals, click on this

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