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Why A Growth Mindset Drives Business

The premise of this article is that an organization that adapts a growth mindset can position itself to thrive. A significant indicator of business success is that the owner plans for growth and conveys that mindset throughout the organization. This applies to business owners who have employees as well as those that do not yet but have a vision of growth for their future.

An owner who believes in growth believes that his/her people hold potential and that talent can be developed. It is the responsibility of the owner to work with the Human Resources department to convey and translate this mindset to employees.

An owner with a growth mindset does several things to encourage her/his employees to become leaders who are committed to drive the organization forward. First, recruitment is key. Selecting the right people based on their capabilities and skills, are avid learners, and can solve challenges independently while collaborating with others is vital. Secondly, professional development is crucial to create a growth mindset among employees who will take on responsibilities outside their specific job roles.

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