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4 Ways to Get Rid of Negativity at Work

The author of this article, Dr. Helen Rothberg, contends that we need to focus more on the positive in life and less on the negative. Negativity can be like a virus and, left untreated, can affect all aspects of your life and tank your professional career. But, the author suggests the following steps you can take to avoid the destructive effects of negativity:

  • Avoid Drama – Instead of complaining about all the obstacles that might pop up at work, regard them as challenges. Invigorate co-workers “to see that the light in the tunnel might not be an on-coming train. It might just be the light.”

  • Seek the Right Sources – Don’t rely on rumors. Remain objective about any situation and get the facts from knowledgeable sources.

  • Detect Negativity Early – If you sense negativity in your group, never ignore it. Work to discover its source and what needs to be done to reduce or eliminate the negativity. Steer clear of negative co-workers.

  • Say Thank You – Maintain your positivity and encourage it in others by saying thank you and acknowledging the support of others.

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