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6 Surefire Ways to Impress the Higher-Ups at Work

Based on her experience dealing with higher-ups across a wide variety of industrities, these are several common similarities that they use to identify talent:

- Learn Quickly and Bring Results: Be enthusiastic, use your smarts, rise to a challenge and be 'sponge'.

- Read the Room and Be Confident: Speak deliberately and with precision and insight. Don't be timid or arrogant, but, rather, inquisitive and tactful.

- Civility First: Always be respectful of others' opinions while remaining calm and concise.

- Learn the Art of Story Telling: Tell a tight, compelling story that is well thought-out and expressed concisely.

- Do More: If you see something that needs to get done - do it!

- Learn Time Management - Of Other People: When talking with higher-ups, choose topics of importance to them and be concise.

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