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Why Can't I Focus? These 10 Unexpected Habits Could Be Affecting Your Ability to Concentrate

For your own professional and personal success, it is important to be able to focus and concentrate. In this fast-paced world with so much on everyone's plate, it is vital that you are able to complete your tasks in a reasonable amount of time. You already know that being organized, not being stressed or anxious, and getting enough sleep are all helpful to your productivity. And paying too much attention to social media is definitely a concentration killer. In addition to these factors, the author contends that these other habits that you are not aware of that make it harder to concentrate. Work on reducing the amount of time you spend on them, and you can increase your ability to focus.

1.Multi-tasking: This divides your attention and focus so that it is easier to make mistakes and, in the end, makes you less productive.

2.Going through your emails: Limit email-checking to specific times of the day or when you are not working on another task.

3. Starting with your easier tasks: Your brain can stay focused for only so long.... do the harder things first and end with the easier ones.

4. Going to a lot of work meetings: Needless to say, meetings can be big time killers.

5.Complaining about little things: Have a positive can-do attitude that more easily deals with or ignores small irritations.

6.Skipping the gym- Make sure to stick with your exercise regimen because not only is it important to your overall health, but it also helps to increase focus and concentration skills.

7.Sitting in poor lighting can be distracting as well as make you feel sleepy.

8.Working completely on your own can work for some, but for others, the stimulation of sharing ideas with others can help overall concentration.

9.Too much down time: Take small breaks and the more intellectually stimulating, the better.

10.Drinking too much coffee: This can make you anxious and jittery. Limit your intake.

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