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Be Brave

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The 2019 theme for the WPN Women's Professional Network is "BeBrave". This blog article is based on a Fortune news article titled "This Is the Emotional Quality That the World's Greatest Leaders All Share" which fits in very nicely with the WPN theme for this year. Fortune developed a list of the world's 50 Greatest Leaders and then studied what was the commonality that defined each of these people as great leaders. They found that the theme running powerfully through this list is Courage. These leaders think outside the box and are never sure if their ideas will work, but they forge ahead anyway. They are successful, respected people with much to lose, but none of them plays it safe.

The question is: "How do great leaders find such courage while most people don't?"

Studies suggest that these leaders possess a personality style called 'hardiness'. They view the world as interesting and exciting, and they believe that they can play a role in shaping events. Life to them is an opportunity for personal growth.

They are 'Simply Less Afraid' or, to put it in WPN terms, they live their lives to 'BeBrave.'

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