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Beware the Cult of the Leader

Leading is good. Worshiping leaders is not good. Too often society idolizes leaders with the result that the following myths have developed surrounding leaders. The author contends that these myths need to be debunked, as follows, in both organizations and society in general:

Myth #1: leadership is only for a few

Reality: Everyone can- and should-lead

Often people do not believe they possess leadership qualities, but, in reality, anyone who makes a positive difference is a leader. In truth, leading is a behavior and not a role.

Myth #2: Leaders are great, managers suck

Reality: We need both leadership and management

Management and leadership cannot be separated but rather complement each other. We manage projects and resources. And lead people and organizations. Everyone has the capability to be both managers and leaders.

Myth #3: Leaders are superheroes

Reality: Leading is a human, vulnerable act

Great leaders inspire and empower, but they are not superheroes. They need to have strong relationships built on trust which is based on vulnerability.

Myth #4: Leaders succeed alone

Reality: Successful leaders thrive in duos

Behind every great leader, there’s a great partner who complements your skills and serves as a reliable sounding board. No one changes the world alone.

Myth #5: Leadership is about the individual

Reality: Leadership is about building community. The success of any organization is not only the result of the person in charge; rather, it is the collective collaboration of a group of people working together as a team.

In conclusion: Being a leader starts with how you see yourself. Start somewhere and start now. Everyone can — and should — lead. No matter how small or significant your contribution, the world needs you. Stop admiring leaders. Start leading.

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