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5 Keys to Breaking the Rules (While Still Playing the Game)

The author interviewed Samantha Edwards, co-founder and creative director of The Charles, a creative agency based in New York. The discussion involved the important role that rebellion plays in the content of your work and the progression of your career. Samantha espouses these 5 main guidelines to follow when forging a new path in your professional career:

1. Know Your Place.

Know who you are, your skill set and what you are great at... whether that involves being the leader or the person behind the scenes. All roles are important; know which one fits you best.

2. Have Trust in YOU.

Believe in yourself and your own ideas and your own intuition. Your vision belongs to you,and you alone. You need to trust that you can execute it but, at the same time, learn from

your setbacks.

3. Make Self Doubt a Controlled Part of Your Process.

You need to believe in your vision and the steps you take along the way. But you also need to ask yourself the right questions and be honest with the answers.

4. Get Your Facts Right.

Credibility is vital. You need to do all the hard, background work behind any idea.

5. Be Fierce (but Don't Underestimate the Strength of Kindness).

Fierceness and determination and assertiveness are important, but so is the mastery of people skills. Confidence is key, but aggressiveness is not.

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