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How to Ask for Advice (Without Looking Dumb)

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

(summarized by Lea Bishop)

"Don't ask for advice if you don't plan to use it."

Most people think that it is not a good idea to ask for advice. They don't want to look dumb, weak,or incompetent. But this is not true. Rather, it behooves successful people to know how to actively seek advice and request it. Research shows that asking for advice the right way makes you look more competent, likable, and confident. And in today's highly technical world with information constantly changing, it is difficult if not impossible to know everything.

Most importantly, you should restrict your advice -seeking to people whom you really respect. You are not running a poll, and you should not limit your questioning only to those whom you really like or are close to. You should not expect comfort, but sound advice that would be inclined to follow.

The author believes these following steps will help you become a good advice seeker:

1. Use a Positive Direct tone: show that you really care about their opinion.

2. Provide Context and Concise Clarity.

3. Be Specific about the Type of Advice you are Seeking.

4. Let People know how You'll use their Advice.

5. Be Ready to be Challenged (and not to have your opinion validated).

6. Be Thankful for the Advice, especially if it worked out well for you.

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