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Ambit Energy Helps You to Save on Your Energy Bills

by Nancy Fitzgerald-Lecker, Senior Consultant at Ambit Energy

The energy industry has been deregulated in the same way the telecom industry was. You have the right to choose who supplies your electricity, just as you have the right to choose which phone service you use.

Many have asked if there is a difference using Ambit Energy or

purchasing from their utility company. Yes, there is a difference. In NY, Ambit is the only supply company offering a guaranteed savings, which ensures every

customer will save money over the utility company’s rate or they will refund

the difference. There are no contracts, fees or cancellation penalties, so you

are not locked into a rate or plan. There is no risk becoming a customer. We

are also the only company commissioned by NYS to offer service to those on

assistance programs, such as HEAP. In addition, Ambit offers a program

where customers can qualify to earn their energy for free just by referring


People hear rumors that if a power line comes down in a storm, the utility

company puts them on the bottom of their repair list. This is not true. They

read meters, fix power lines and transformers. They are the delivery service;

Ambit is the supply company. You will still receive your bill from the utility

company and will continue to pay them as you always have. The important

thing to remember is that your utility company handles any issue with the


Along with standard electric supply, Ambit is partnered with Sunrun Solar

and in certain markets I can connect you with a solar farm if you want solar

credits without solar panels. However you choose to receive electricity, I will

guarantee you a savings. Do me a favor and try my service. There is no risk,

you may cancel anytime. You can learn more about my services at or give me a call at


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