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How to Write an Impressive Elevator Pitch

by Lea Bishop, WPN Women's Professional Network

We all know that first impressions count, and that they are made within the first few minutes of speaking with someone. So make your elevator pitch effective and impressive by following these important tips:

* Be sure to include this essential information:

- Who you and your company are

- What your company does/what is your market category

- Who your customers are

- What customer value you provide

- What sets you apart from your competition

- A plan to follow-up in person or via email

* And, don’t forget to:

- Practice, practice, practice your pitch until it sounds natural

- Ask for feedback from trusted, honest friends/colleagues

- Don’t use technical or overly detailed jargon

- Be persuasive and positive

- Keep it short and simple; try to keep it to 1 minute

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