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Leading in our Uncertain Times: Be Real-Not a Hero

by Georggrey Garrett, Dean at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

"What we need today are anti-Churchillian leaders — leaders who admit to their limitations, are open about challenges, and reduce the distance between them and us. In short, we need our leaders to “be real,” in at least three ways:

BE HUMBLE: Don’t highlight your solutions without asking for input. It is critical that leaders acknowledge their own limitations and genuinely reach out to others to help them navigate through choppy and foggy waters.

BE OPEN: Don’t obfuscate complex realities; be explainer-in-chief. The task of being explainer-in-chief requires being able to make the complex simple, without becoming overly simplistic and without talking down to anyone.

BE COMMMITTED: Don’t focus-group ideas and Photoshop yourself; stand up for who you are. Leaders cannot afford to be analytical automatons."

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