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Nuvance Health System Leads the Way

The WPN Women's Professional Network thanks Nuvance for their generous support of our 2020 Hudson Valley Celebration of International Women's Day on March 10, 2020. This blog article is a token of our appreciation for their support for our mission to promote the professional development of women in the Hudson Valley. Thank you, Nuvance!

Nuvance Health was formed by Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network to deliver more convenient and accessible care throughout New York’s mid-Hudson Valley and western Connecticut. The name Nuvance Health, is a combination of the words “new” and “advance”, reflecting their mission to continually make progress and pursue impossible,to enhance the health and well-being of patients and communities.

Coming together to become one health system provides a tremendous opportunity to deliver a higher level of care and a better experience for patients, providers and communities. HQ and WCHN formed a single, innovative health system to bring more healthcare programs and services to the communities being served. By joining forces, they will expand their reach to help even more people optimize their health, prevent disease and manage chronic conditions.

The 4 foundational values of Nuvance include to be committed to being personal; to embrace imagination to challenge the expected and inspire curiosity; to practice being agile to overcome barriers by embracing change; and to stay connected and work together as a team to share ideas.

Nuvance offers consumers access to greater breadth of services, such as more specialty physicians and population health programs. There are 2600 doctors on staff to meet all the healthcare needs of patients and their families every single day. 7 hospitals across 2 states include Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center, Sharon Hospital, Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, and Norwalk Hospital.

Nuvance offers a very wide range of medical services including primary and pediatric care, rheumatology, ob/gyn, cancer care, endocrinology and diabetes, psychiatry, cardiac care, surgical services, and many more.

Contact information:

Physician Finder: 1-888-525-4767

Nuvance New York Hospitals: Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center, Sharon Hospital,Vassar Brothers Medical Center: (845) 475-9940

Nuvance Connecticut Hospitals: Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Norwalk Hospital: (203) 749-2650

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