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Seven Ways A Woman Can Get The Workplace Recognition She Deserves

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

YEC Women (Young Entrepreneur Council)

This article is a composite of work by some members of the YEC including Benish Shah, Jessica Gonzalez, Sweta Patel, Lauren Elmore, Suneera Madhani, Nicole Munoz, and Dalia MacPhee. Please note that the image in this blog post, did not appear in the original article.

It has been difficult for women to get the recognition they deserve for their work. As a woman, you need to step up yourself and take credit for your accomplishments. A Gallup poll showed that only 1/3 of all U.S. workers agree that they received recognition for their work. This situation is even harder for women because studies show that women have to work harder than their male counterparts for recognition.

The following is advice from some entrepreneurs from the YEC for women who "do good work but often get blended into the background anyway."

1. Give Yourself Recognition: You must be the first to give yourself recognition. This has been perceived as bragging by women themselves so to get around this, you can give a simple update on what you are working on or find an ally who will talk you up.

2. Speak Up: Keep your boss regularly informed about your current projects and achievements. Keep track of these projects and achievements and use them as examples when seeking a promotion or raise. Always consider feedback from your boss objectively.

3. Help Others Shine: Point out the achievements and talents of your co-workers and never put anyone down.

4. Jump In: Volunteer for assignments, think of new ideas and ways of doing things.

5. Be Confident: Value your work and do not be afraid to project confidence in yourself and your abilities.

6. Acknowledge Your Achievemnts with Teams: Share the successes of team projects with team members and managers to help you get recognition for your ability to work with others.

7. Have Someone Else Praise You: Never hesitate to ask for help from respected colleagues.

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