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Tips to Develop Mental Strength

This post is based on an article written by Amy Morin for Forbes "7 Things Mentally Strong Women Believe" 2/11/20 and edited by Lea Bishop, WPN.

In general, not all of us women are mentally strong. Whether by nature or nurture, we tend to perpetuate habits and characteristics that impede our professional advancement or even our personal goals. According to Ms. Morin, there are many women who have not adopted these habits and instead have become mentally strong individuals. I think it is important that we learn about the traits and practices that characterize these women in order to empower ourselves and others.

Strong women tend to hold these following 7 beliefs:

  1. Self-worth should never be determined by anyone else's opinion. Women often over-value the opinions of other people. What you think about yourself should be what is most important to each of us, not what others think about us.

  2. Your strength will sometimes be viewed as weakness. Women tend to be more empathetic to the needs of others, lead by consensus, and encourage each other. These traits may be viewed as weakness, but studies have shown that these same traits can lead to increased worker satisfaction as well as corporate productivity and social responsibility.

  3. There is no need to shrink yourself for the comfort of others. Women tend to downplay their successes and do not accept compliments well. Instead they need to learn to own their successes with pride.

  4. Society encourages women to engage in unhealthy habits. There is so much social pressure for women to be quiet, pretty, well-mannered and non-competitive. Men, on the other hand, are encouraged to be competitive, successful, assertive. Women must break these stereotypical gender roles if they are to be mentally strong.

  5. Mental strength can be contagious. Women need to show by example that anyone can be mentally strong. They need to empower and inspire other women.

  6. Mental muscles must constantly be maintained. Like anything else, the personal traits and habits that comprise mental strength must be practiced and enhanced. New ones should be developed, and bad habits given up.

  7. You can't always see inner strength. Mentally strong women are not concerned about what other people think. So they tend not to care if others recognize either their strength or their growth.

Ann Morin is a psychotherapist and the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do. To read her Forbes article, please link to:

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